The innovative
choice in bolts

Lightning Bolts remain an ever-popular choice for a wide range of trade professionals. Central to their success is a steadfast focus on innovation. Every bolt combines a number of small but expertly developed features which collectively make a major difference to their ease of use and overall fixing performance.

Fix closer to the edge

Thanks to their intelligent design, Lightning Bolts exert virtually no expansion stresses. As a result, they can be used to fix closer to the edge of a substrate as well as closer together with less risk of any stress induced splits or cracks in the substrate occurring.

Quick and easy to install

Lightning Bolts offer impressive speed and ease of installation. There is no need for sleeves or plugs. Instead you simply fix Lightning Bolts into a pre-drilled hole and their interlocking thread enables the substrate to act as a ‘bolt’. Lightning Bolts also enable you to use standard sized and smaller drill bits than traditional bolt and sleeve anchors. Plus, as the Lightning Bolt is a through-fixing, you can expect to spend less time on marking up and repositioning.

Combined these benefits make Lightning Bolts the perfect choice for any project that requires many repetitive fixing installations.

Impressive load capacity

The innovative interlocking thread employed on the Lightning Bolt enables it to ‘grip’ a substrate along the entire thread length. This results in much high load capacities compared to other similar fixings. The same carefully considered thread also makes the Lightning Bolt particularly suited for fixing into those substrates that may have hollow areas such as some types of concrete block and hollow bricks.

Fully removable

With the Lightning Bolt, you can look forward to a fixing that delivers the best of both worlds. Their exceptional fixing performance and ultra-durable nature, including a rustproof Elementech coating, makes them ideal for permanent installations. At the same time, they are also fully removable making them an equally effective choice for temporary fixing jobs.