The ultimate in
multi-purpose bolts

Lightning Bolts put the ‘multi’ into multi-purpose fixing. Thanks to their impressive versatility, they are the only fixing you'll need for a wide range of different and diverse needs.

Suitable for almost any substrate

Lightning Bolts can be used to ensure a safe and secure fix into most commonly encountered substrates. This includes wood, concrete, brick, blockwork, stone and marble. They are quite possibly one of the most universal and versatile fixings on the market today.

Superior performance inside - and out

All Lighting Bolts benefit from an innovative Elementech coating. This specially developed technology ensures superior levels of corrosion resistance and rustproofing. As a result, the exceptional performance of the Lightning Bolt can be enjoyed across both interior and exterior fixing applications.

A choice of three different heads

With the Lightning Bolt you have the flexibility to choose from three different heads. This gives you the freedom to choose a fixing that’s perfectly suited to your most common fixing requirements and frequently encountered substrates, as well as your preferred fixing insertion method.

Specific options include a Torx head, which is ideal for those looking for precise control over torque levels, a hex head and a hex head with the benefit of flange which serves as an in-built washer, evenly distributing the fixing load under the bolt’s head.

The option of two pack formats

To give end-users maximum purchasing flexibility as well as stockists the scope for greater merchandising opportunities, the Lightning Bolt is supplied in two pack formats. This includes boxes of between 100 and 10 bolts as well as bags which contain between 10 and 5 bolts. These bags are also resealable as well as recyclable, helping to simplify subsequent storage and packaging disposal needs.